Facilities and Services Miami Airport

Miami airport is provided with lots of facilities, services, shops and amenities to do more pleasant the stay at the airport for all the passengers.


Through the airport there are (among others):

- ATM’s, Banks and Currency Exchange (in all the concourses D, E, F, G, H and J)

- Wrapping Stations for Baggage

- Restaurants, Bars, Cafés, Snack shops, Food Stores and Vending Machines are located through all MIA airport as well.

- Internet is accessible from all the corners of the airport

- Nursing Suites are available to all passengers that need the rooms.

- VIP Lounges and Wheelchair service are also available through all the airport.

- Language assistance as well as Pet Relief Areas are available in some concourses of the Miami airport.


Skyride connects the three Terminals of MIA airport and, indeed, all the concourses.


Facilities Concourse D

In Concourse D there is an Auditorium and a Chapel and the Lost and Found Department (level 4).


Facilities Concourse E

Concourse E has Baggage Checkroom / Storage, an Hotel “MiaHotel” (located in the second level with more than 250 rooms and a Port Restaurant), a Military Hospitality Lounge, a Translation Service, among other services shared with other concourses.


Facilities Concourse H and J

Concourse H and J there are Spa Services and in Concourse H there is a Yoga Room to practice yoga.


These are some of the services and amenities at MIA airport, but the list is so long. Stores, Duty-Free Shops and Food are available to all passengers.