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Miami Airport Informational Guide to Miami Airport (MIA) - NON OFFICIAL

South Terminal - Terminal S Miami Airport

Miami International Airport South Terminal, also named Red Terminal and Terminal S, it is home of Concourse H and Concourse J.

The South Terminal building and Concourse J opened in 2007.
Terminal In5 Miami Airport


Level 1 

Arrivals and Baggage Claim.

Passengers will find several services and amenities at that level.

Access to taxis, rideshare, among others. 

Level 2 

Ticketing and Check-in as well as access to departure gates after security check. 

Concourse H

It has a total of 11 gates: H3-H17.

All gates are located in Level 2.

It handles domestic and international arrivals and departures.

Delta Airlines is one of the busiest carriers in this Concourse. 

Concourse J

It has 15 gates, J2-J5, J7-J12 and J14 to J18, all of them located in Level 2.

It handles international arrivals.

In the future, it is planned that Concourse J (and H) will handle Skyteam and Star Alliance members.

Level 3

Passengers can access from Level 3 to parking or to Mia Mover Station to get to the Car Rental Facility or MetroRail, among others. 

transfer between terminals 

Passengers can use the moving walkways in Level 3 to move through terminals.

There are also moving walkways from Central Terminal to MIA Mover Station to the Rental Car Center.


- Restaurants and bars 
- ATMs
- Currency exchange
- Animal Relief Areas
- Baggage Storage 
- Baggage wrapping
- Chapel
- Vending Machines 
- Wheelchair service
- Nursing Suites 
- Postal Services
- Yoga Room 

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Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club: South Terminal, Concourse H. Services: Snacks, drinks, showers, Wi-Fi, TV, printers and copiers, among others. 

LATAM Lounge: South Terminal, Concourse J. Services: Premium food, snacks, showers, TV, Internet Terminals, among others. 

Turkish Airlines Lounge: South Terminal. Hours vary. Services: food, snacks, drinks, showers, Wi-Fi, among others. 

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