Terminals Miami Airport

Miami airport is a big airport and it is really important in United States and in the world in general. It is ranked between the 25th busiest airports worldwide and its infrastructure and facilities are huge.


Currently it has 6 different concourses, divided between North Terminal (Blue), Central Terminal (Yellow) and South Terminal (Red).


North Terminal (Blue)

It contains the Concourse D with a total of 45 gates. Gates are: D1-D12, D14-D17, D19-D25, D29-D33 D37-D40, D42-D51, D53, D55 and D60. American Eagle operates with gates D53, D55 and D60.


Concourse D

It operates domestic and international flights being American Airlines and American Eagle the most busiest airlines.

There is the Skytrain automated people mover service available to all passengers to link easily among all the Concourse D. It takes just a few minutes to go to one station to another. In total it has 4 different stations well marked.

In Concourse D there are Duty Free Shops, Restaurants, Bars, Cafés, Spa area, Fashion, Jewelry and Accessories stores, among other services and facilities.

Passengers have 30 minutes of free Wi-fi, after this period of time, they can pay an amount to have access to internet.


Central Terminal (Yellow)

It contains the Concourses E, F and G. The three of them add up to 52 gates in total.


Concourse E

It has gates E2 to E11 in Level 2 (gate E3 doesn’t exist), and has a Satellite area with E20 to E25 gates and E30, E31 and E33 gates. To arrive to the gates located in the Satellite area, passengers must pick up a train on Level 4 of the building that connects with gates E20-E33.


Concourse E serves oneworld member airlines British Airways, Air Berlin, Finnair, Iberia, Qatar and some American Airlines flights. There is a Premium Lounge for all passengers that fly in first and business class. Same situation for the Sapphire and OneWorld Emerald elite members.

It has 2 bus stations.


Concourse F

it has gates F3 to F10, F14 to F19 and F23. All gates are located in Level 2 in Miami Airport. To board the flights passengers must go to Level 2. It has one bus station.


Concourse G

has 15 gates: G2-G12, G14-G16 and G19 (Level 2). It’s the only concourse in Miami airport that doesn’t serve international arrivals. It has 1 bus station.


South Terminal (Red)

It contains the Concourses H and J.


Concourse H

It has a total of 11 gates: from H3 to H12 and gate H15. All gates are located in Level 2. It handles domestic and international arrivals and departures. Delta Airlines is one of the busiest carriers in this Concourse. It has 1 bus station.


Concourse J

It has 15 gates: J2-J5, J7-J12 and J14 to J18, all of them located in Level 2. It handles international arrivals. It is the newest concourse at the airport, opened in 2007. In the future it is planned that Concourse J (and H) will be the house for Skyteam and Star Alliance members.